Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sunday, March 08, 2009

let it be white

Our planet is getting ill.
Weathers all over the world have been abnormal.
In some places, summer came early; some, there's no sign of spring.

It has been snowing heavily here. No one knows when the snow will stop to give way to the blooming flowers.

When the snow melted just the other day, and the roads were cleared from the ice and snow, everyone was happy, hoping spring will arrive soon. Then, out of a sudden, it started snowing heavily... again.

WHITE christmas, WHITE valentine's day, WHITE women's day.

I had it all.

Some friends tend to have this emo period whenever they do not see the sunshine. They said there's no joy in seeing a gloomy day, it's not a day when you don't see the sun.

When we've got the sun; we'll complain that it's too hot.

When we've got snow; we'll complain that it's too cold.


Well, here are some photos, showing the shower of snow.

look at the cable, of this and the next. It happened within 30minutes or so.

Lastly, I wanna wish all ladies out there a
Without women, there won't be men, so let your hair down and have a great day.
Well, perhaps make a guy do something special for you, just for a day!
With lotsa love...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

my journey

Sometimes, life doesn't go the way you actually want them to.
It's not like you're not doing your best to get it going the right path.
And there have to be something, someone that just loves getting into your way, blocking.
The worst part is that they always seem to be enjoying what they did.
This is the time when I fully understand what it means by the phrase 'musuh dalam selimut'.

But with the whole lot of bacteria and diseases, autopsies, and the full chain of molecules to accompany me, I have to struggle my way through this nonsense.
Guess I have to just continue walking in this journey till the finishing line.
And the most vital weapon that I possess with me is the love from family and friends.
That's what bringing me further.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

everything, moving on

Well, well, well..

It's been a week since I left home after a mere 2 weeks break.

During that 2 weeks, every dinner was a family reunion. Quoting my sisters and cousins, this CNY brought the most reunion dinners ever!

And then, it's back to business once again here in Moscow.

It was snowing heavily yesterday and this morning, and the white shower just stopped a few hours ago.
Despite the heavy snowfall, classes still resume as usual. Everything here went on as usual.

Buses are moving.
Metros are zooming.
People are walking.
Classes are going.
Tests are killing.

There is no break unless the temperature hits below -35C.

Guess that's all for a quickie.
Gotta hit the books.

Friday, December 12, 2008


This blog will not be updated until end of January,
as I'm facing major exams.
Wish me luck,
and till I see you all back home,
take care.
with lotsa love

Saturday, December 06, 2008

cravings fulfilled

Just had this...
Hmm, very satisfied.

Friday, December 05, 2008

3rd Salon du Chocolat 2008

The International Chocolate Salon cum Food Show was here in Moscow, from the 28th to 30th November. It was like a exhibition of different kinds of food and of course, a haven for chocolate lovers:)
Many exhibitors came from different countries to exhibit their products, not only food, but also the kitchen appliances.
My friends and I went and we tasted many different species of chocolate coming from different parts of the world. It was just...superb!
It was really an experience of a lifetime with so much food in a day, within 8 hours.

(the overview of the whole exhibition)

(a sample of homemade jam from Tefal counter)

(chocolate fondue with marshmellows)

(chocolates with roses in them)

(a participant of the Chocolate Sculpturing Contest)

(piece of masterpiece done with chocolate)

(kids painting-with-chocolate contest)

Guess I've made some deep cravings for chocolate and I better stop here, before someone starts whacking me when I'm back!
Signing off, with lots of chocolatey hugs! :)

And oh ya, Christmas is approaching, and there won't be any celebrations this year due to an important exam exactly on 25th December. But anyhow,
p/s: with tonnes of snowflakes and snowman, enjoy and have a blessed celebration!